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19 years old || March 7 [[Pisces]]

chicken nugget(s) stalking me


possible onset of depression and/or general exhaustion?

draw a yarneball to feel better :’>


WHY THE HECK isnt there a shirt that says “hope’s peak academy graduate”

to most people, it would seem like they graduated from this random made up school. but to other dangan ronpa fans. well. they know what you did to graduate.


covers for the GSNK fanbook & anthology

Your true colors for kashima are revealed


organizing my blog a bit and…….

i’m laughing because I reblogged a pic of Kashima on the ground like early last month and my tag was “/STEPS ON”

and I didn’t realize it, but I reblogged the same exact picture last week with the tag “steps on the kashima back”

I guess I might have a slight problem

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young adult things: washing your colors with your whites because you don’t care you JUST don’t fucking care

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molecularyou replied to your post “molecularyou replied to your post “I have an interview at Sushi Man…”

Use your powers of Kawaii, it’s sure to get them. Also, always bring a pen.

not sure if my level is high enough to use the power of Kawaii but I’ll try!
ooh thanks for the tip btw, I always forget a pen so I’ll put one in my purse right now * v *

molecularyou replied to your post “I have an interview at Sushi Man tomorrow! I really hope I get this…”

if you get a sushi job your chances of me visiting your work place increase by 100 fold.

LOL we’ll see~ I’m gonna try my best at the interview @__@